Verona. A romantic weekend in Romeo and Juliet´s city.

Verona. A romantic weekend in Romeo and Juliet´s city.

AWhat to do in 2 days in Verona, saving money and time.

Verona, oh Verona, where are you, Verona? What to do in 2 days in Verona?

This is the “Perfect weekend in Verona” guide, for those couples who want to experience the romanticism, history and everything this city has to offer.

We will describe you everything with prices and alternatives based on our own experience and research.


For those who are interested in entering the museums, the arena, and all the historical places, we recommend you to buy the Verona Pass, a card which allows you to enter every attraction for 24 hours (24 euros) but paying 1 euro more it will be valid for 48 hours!!!

For more info, visit their official website https://www.veronatouristoffice.it/en/verona-card/


For those who aren’t sure if they want to enter or not, we recommend you to make a free walking tour. How does it work? Someone will make you experience most of the important places of the city and explain you everything. Once finished, you can make a free offer based on how much you enjoyed it (and the “guide” deserves).


Last but not least… if you go there the first Sunday of every month, you can pay the entrance fee of: – Arena of Verona; – Museum of Castelvecchio; – Maffeiano Stone Engraving Museum; – Juliet’s Tomb;

– Frescoes Museum “G.B. Cavalcaselle”; – Roman Theater and Archaeological Museum; – Natural History Museum…



The accommodation in Verona can be really difficult to find, many options fly away soon, that’s why we stayed in https://www.dreamingtouristlocations.it/ They have several rooms in Verona and Rome with varied prices, great locations and an excellent service. After talking with them and checking the quality of the service ourselves, we came to an agreement and got a discount for our readers!!!

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That’s not all folks!!! The discount applies for both, Verona and Rome!!!

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Okay, let’s start with the itinerary.


Day one:

We arrived with a flixbus, at 11:00 a.m. and walked from the station (which is really close) to Juliet’s Tomb. The garden has beautiful sculptures and a really quiet enviroment with almost no people (and that’s hard to find in Verona).

Price: €4,50


After we went to visit the legendary “Arena Di Verona”: as incredible as the “Colosseum” in Rome, this place is not as well known, but it’s also beautiful and breathtaking.

This amphitheatre is located in “Piazza Bra”, main heart of the city. It was built in AD 30, and is still being used for concerts, operas and more!!!

It is beautiful for those who only want to take some pictures from the outside, but from the inside history comes back to life.

Price: €6,00.


Afterwards we started being hungry, so we went to one of the best restaurants we have ever been, this Vegan Biological Restaurant called “La Lanterna”, located in Piazzetta Portichetti, 6, 37123, Verona. It offers a €10 lunch with plenty of food, drinks and coffee inlcuded. The enviroment is really nice and offers a cozy and romantic experience for those who need a place to have dinner, too. If you want to know more visit their instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/ristoranteveganolalanterna/

To digest, we walked to the “Basilica di San Zeno Maggiore”, which is less known and really close to the restaurant. With its characteristic architecture, this minor church was built in the year 967 AD!!!

After this fast visit we headed to “Castelvecchio”: this old and beautiful structure is, without any doubts, a renowed Verona landmark. It was a beautiful walk with a nice city sightseeing. Here you can find another museum called “Museo di Castelvecchio”.

Price: €6,00

Not far away from this site, you can finally find “Juliet’s house”, with the famous balcony where Romeo and Juliet expressed there love for first time. On the walls of the entrance porch, hundreds of couples leave their love messages. You can visit the inside of the house and take Juliet’s place in the history, and live Shakespeare’s tragedy on your skin.

Price to enter: €6,00.

Another beautiful visit close to this one is “Piazza dei Signori”, with the statue of the famous Dante Alighieri. This one is also free and some metres far from:

“Torre dei Lamberti”, situated in “Piazza delle Erbe”. This 84 meters tower built almost 1000 years ago offers a modern art gallery and one of the best panoramic views of the city.

Price: €8,00.


Happy but tired, we decided to go to rest and leave everything else for the second day, not without feeding our souls and stomachs in “La Lanterna”.

The day after we enjoyed a classic breakfast in our B’n’B, then we went walking to the

“Roman Theatre”: this ancient theatre has also a museum where you can see all the stuff found during the excavations.

Price: €4,50.


If you have more time, we recommed you to make a daily tour or, even better, to spend some days in Garda Lake: this gorgeus place full of nature is the cherry on the cake. Enjoy!

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