Rules At Mosques

Rules At Mosques

Rules at mosques.

Inside the mosque

Before starting it is really important to state that not all the mosques have the same rules.

These are sacred places for the muslims and they expect respect from all visitors. It is also good to know that NOT ALL THE MOSQUES ALLOW NON-MUSLIM PEOPLE TO ENTER, so better if you ask before entering the ones that are not so touristics.


The general rules, void for all of them, are:


1- No one can enter with the shoes on: you must take them off outside and usually there are special gabinets to place them. Don’t worry: no one will take them.


2- The “dress code” policy is different, but in general women have to cover their hair (most of them provide the hijabs for free)


3- For men it is better to wear long pants and long or short sleeves (El Boludo was wearing a tank top and had not problems, but you never know).


4- Don’t eat inside the mosque, this can be really disrepectful.


5- Keep a low voice level, even if it’s not pray time.


6- If you go with kids, don’t let them run all over the place, we believe that kids must be free and play as much as they can, but… it is not working like that for them.


7- Put your phone in silence or airplane mode.


8- There are some areas where women cannot go: ask before.


9- Enjoy the experience of being part of a different culture.

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