Great temple of Abu Simbel.

Aswan to Abu Simbel. There are a lot of tours to take you from Aswan to Abu Simbel: our story was a little troubled but we made it. We waited until the very last moment to book a tour (this means: the day before) in order to get the best price. But we waited too long and they cancelled our […]

Cairo to Aswan. Top things to do in Aswan.

Cairo to Aswan Sleeper Train. The Cairo-to-Aswan-sleeper-train is definitely the best way to get from Cairo to Aswan. These two cities are 870 km far from each other, so if you are travelling low cost like we do, the night train is a good solution in order to save money and time. Train cost from Cairo to Aswan The train […]

How to get to Giza Pyramids.

Here we leave you our “how to get to the Giza pyramids” guide. Do you want to know how to visit the Giza pyramids? It’s really easy to get there with our instructions: we were luckily accompanied by our couch surfer, that’s why we recommend this way. We went by bus from Giza Square (medean el geiza). Here you have […]

Two days in Cairo. 2020 Complete guide. African tour

What to do? Visit the pyramids, the museums, markets and more in a safe way, save money with our tips and know the important things to do in just 2 days!!! Cairo is a city that has many awesome places to visit but certanly the Giza Pyramids are the most important. Our experience in Cairo was divided between the magnificent […]

Egypt tour. 2 weeks, pyramids, hurghada tour and more

Two weeks in Egypt – The backpacking solo guide. Travel on a budget, itineraries and saving money tips. Pyramids, mummies, friendly people and low cost amazing food are just a part of Egypt. Even for alone female this country is really safe, we saw women from all over the world with totally different dress codes and nothing happen (the never […]

South africa tour. Safari and holiday trip.

Best places to visit in South Africa. We have been 1 month here visiting the best places in SA, safari, the best tours, Johannesburg, Cape Town, the best national parks and much more!!! Incredible National Parks with different budgets and experiences, you can go hiking to Lion’s Head for Free or spend more than 800 dollars for a Luxury Safari […]

Tanzania. Maasai Mara, cheap Safari and more.

Backpacking in Tanzania with a low budget. A Complete Guide. The country where you can do everything! Hundreds of different activities for the low budget and backpackers, for the people that saved money, for the families,with tour or solo and for the once that have 2 weeks for holidays. Everybody is going to enjoy Tanzania. As in most of the […]

Kenya Tour Safaris and touristic attractions.

Our Complete guide for travelling kenya, solo in a budget. Kenya Backpacking Kenya – The introductory guide. Wild and exotic, a country where you can travel with a really low budget. Where you can enjoy backpacking solo without problems. Country that will create an intense cultural shock where the organization doesn’t exists and the smile and greetings are the law. […]

The best National parks in Cape Town.

What to do? Where to fo? Frequent question. The best National Parks in Cape Tow according to our own experience.   1- West Coast National Park:     What to do? This National Park is not as famous as others but believe me, it’s totally worth the visit! Breathtaking landscapes, full of different species of animals, the “bird hide” and the […]