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Zanzibar.  Best beaches, stone town and tours.

Zanzibar. Best beaches, stone town and tours.

Zanzibar, this beautiful paradise island with the best beaches, seem to be a totally different country. Much more quiet and peacefull that the rest of Tanzania, with a really nice historical centre and of course amazing beach, that are perfect for chilling or water sports.


But let’s start by the beggining.


We arrived from Dar es Saalam with a really cheap ferry thats costs u$s 20 against the u$s 70 of the one that can be buy online. How to? Really easy once you get to the big ferry station search on a side a little house with the blue roof and buy it there. It takes 3 hours and a half instead of 2 but is way cheaper. Just for being Mzungus (foreigners) we went in the first class. Is not the best ferry of the world but for the time that it takes is really nice.


Our couchsurfer lives in Kiembe Samaki, a really nice and quiet part of the town, he is a famous boxer and rapper that has also a business so he was never at home. The first day we went to a beach close to the house call Mbweni and we were completely alone! For sure is not the best beach of the island but to have a private free beach is a thing to remember.

As the island is really small we were able to go to the best beaches with DallaDalla. The people was really gentle and always helpful.


The capital of Zanzibar is Stonetown, place of Freedy Mercury’s childhood house, a place with a big mix of ethnies, and wonderfull doors. You must visit the street food street, where you can find always 6 or 7 different food stalls.


From Stonetown we have to take 2 different buses to go to Jambiani and Paje Beach, that costs 1 dollar each. Both beaches are beautiful, with white sand and cristalline water. They are really close and you can visit them in the same day or (as we did) dedicate an entire day o each of them. Without a doubt the best beaches of the island recommended by the locals.

To eat there is much more expensive than in the local places so you can take food with you or search for the small local places that are close to the beach.

Zanzibar locals.

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