Two days in Cairo. 2020 Complete guide. African tour

What to do? Visit the pyramids, the museums, markets and more in a safe way, save money with our tips and know the important things to do in just 2 days!!!

Cairo is a city that has many awesome places to visit but certanly the Giza Pyramids are the most important.

Our experience in Cairo was divided between the magnificent of the history and the chaos of the traffic of more than 9 millions people living there. The noise of cars’ honks is something you have to get used to: no minute in the day is spared from it.

Cairo is cheap and disorganised. You will meet 2 different kind of people: the ones wanting to help you with no hidden purposes, and the tricky ones who only want to take advantage of you and your wallet.

Let’s start with the basic: if you are only interested in knowing more about Giza pyramids, we recommend you to go directly to the guide you find just below.

The first day we went to the Pyramids of Giza and it was amazing, here we leave you our Giza Pyramids Guide.

It was a long journey so we didn’t do much, just ate some Koshari for U$D 2,00 and went to sleep.

The second day we decided to visit the Egyptian museum… and that is what we call a massive museum!!! You can stay several hours inside if you love history like we do. The price is U$D 8,00 per person and there are 2 different options:

– Daily entrance from 9:00 to 17:00;

– Late afternoon entrance from 17:30 to 19:00.

You can enter and exit the museum as many times as you want once you’ve paid.

If you plan to take pictures with your camera, there is an extra fare of U$D 4,00, while if you are going to use your smartphone, forget about paying it: it’s not necessary and no one will check on you.

After that, we recommend you to take a walk through the Khan el Khalil market. This huge market offers everything: whatever you imagine can be found there. There is no entrance fee but if you don’t want to pay overprice… BARGAIN is the keyword!!!

Giza pyramids. Cairo egypt

Bargaining is a national sport here, you can buy for 10% of the original price. It would be even better if you learn some basic stuff in arabic.


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