African Tour
South africa tour. Safari and holiday trip.

South africa tour. Safari and holiday trip.

Best places to visit in South Africa.

We have been 1 month here visiting the best places in SA, safari, the best tours, Johannesburg, Cape Town, the best national parks and much more!!!

Incredible National Parks with different budgets and experiences, you can go hiking to Lion’s Head for Free or spend more than 800 dollars for a Luxury Safari in the Kruger National park. South Africa has everything. The east coast/west coast to practice water sports or the penguins, whales and the Cape Point visit, and everything in 2 days.


Wine tasting for free or spending some money and going to amazing places in Cape Town. You can visit Nelson Mandela’s town or walk between the flamingos.

Regarding the rest of Africa, South Africa is expensive. Street food is almost non-existent, the cheapest places to eat start with 5 dollars a meal and the local buses are sometimes more expensive than Bolt or Uber. But don’t worry here is our Free things to do for free in Johannesburg guide.

The big question was: Is it dangerous? Even with the constant warnings that we found online, we decided to walk and visit by our own and we felt always safe. That’s why we took the decision to be one week in Johannesburg and it didn’t worth it… Until we went to visit the Kruger and that was such an experience.

The safari was amazing perfect for families and backpackers and is important to let you know that if you don’t want to go with a tour you can do it solo, but, knowing that Kruger is massive and if you don’t know which streets to take you can lose some animals for your list.


After that we went to Cape Town and everything changed. This city is AMAZING!!!

Whatever you want to do, you can do it… Hiking? You can do it, paying or for free. The National parks are amazing here we leave you our Guide. Want to go to the beach? You can do it, paying or for free (sadly water sports are never free). Animals? Nature? Culture? Everything!!!


For those who has just a couple of days we wrote the 2 Days in Cape Town, what to do, guide.


The daily budget for food and transport is about 12 to 15 dollars but luckily couchsurfing works really good and you can save money in the lodging (and cooking there).

You can also make the 6 Free activities, discribed in our guide.

The distance are huge so if you are planning to travel in the night you can save that money also.


5 Advises for your trip:

Ø Install Bolr or uber in your country in order to receive the text and activate it, publica transport is not working properly. Or rent a car, is not expensive and you will save a lot of money.

Ø The cheapest food is always the Ethnic.

Ø If you don’t count with a lot of money here you have our guide of free things to do.

Ø Cape town and the sourrondings are something incredible, so if you don’t have much time give them the priority.

Ø If you are planning to go to Namibia the bus ride is reeeaaaallyyyyy long (24 hours) but way more cheaper than the flights.


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