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The best National parks in Cape Town.

The best National parks in Cape Town.

What to do? Where to fo? Frequent question.

The best National Parks in Cape Tow according to our own experience.


1- West Coast National Park:


What to do?

This National Park is not as famous as others but believe me, it’s totally worth the visit! Breathtaking landscapes, full of different species of animals, the “bird hide” and the possibility to go to Langebaan Lagoon and watch some seals make this national park our number 1!


How much does it cost?


The entrance fee:

October to July is:

R87 per adult (U$D 5), per day.

R44 per child (U$D 3), per day.


August To September:

R186 per adult (U$D 12), per day.

R93 per child (U$D 6), per day.


When is the best season to go?

Of course the best season is the most expensive one: the view of spring flowers and flamingos that this season offers, is something unique.


Is it possible to see animals?


Well, here on the right you have a photo of the flyer that we received at the entrance.


Can I drive to?

YES! The place is massive and without a car it’s impossible to know everything.


2- Cape of good hope:


What to do?

It is hard to do everything in one day, but the lighthouse is the most renowed attractive, located in an outstanding place. The Indian and Atlantic oceans meeting, the waves crushing against the rocks and the never ending ocean view are a must.


How much does it cost?

This entrance is the most expensive of the national parks.

The entrance fee is R300 per adult

(U$D 20).

R150 per child (U$D 10).

It is possible to see animals?

Lots of them, mostly baboons and ostriches.


Can I drive to?

Yes, if you want to know more about it, visit our “2 days in Cape Town” guide.

Is Cape Point the same than Cape of Good Hope?

This is a normal question and the answer is Yes and No…

Why? Well, Cape Point is inside the Cape of Good Hope but is not the only thing to do.


3- Lion’s Head National Park:


What to do?

This one is one of the closest National Park to visit. There is an amazing easy/medium level hiking and it takes around one hour to reach the top. You will spot beautiful birds and a gorgeous view of Cape Town and Table Mountain.


How much does it cost?

Nothing. Yes, it’s totally free and there are not many of those in South Africa.


Can I drive to?

You can go by bus, bike or car.


4- Boulder’s beach (part of Table Mountain National Park).


What to do?

Enjoy, enjoy and enjoy. There are not many things in the world as beautiful as watching FREE penguins being themselves with their friends and family. We even saw how a group of penguin were scorting an injured one until he got to the water, where he was able to swim perfectly.


How much does it cost?

The entrance fee is

R 152 (U$D 10) per adult, per day R 76 (U$D 4) per child, per day


Are there penguins all year long?

Yes, there are, but the feeding season is considered the best one, because you can see the moms and their babys in one of the cutest scenes you will ever see.

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