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Tanzania. Maasai Mara, cheap Safari and more.

Tanzania. Maasai Mara, cheap Safari and more.

Backpacking in Tanzania with a low budget. A Complete Guide.

The country where you can do everything! Hundreds of different activities for the low budget and backpackers, for the people that saved money, for the families,with tour or solo and for the once that have 2 weeks for holidays. Everybody is going to enjoy Tanzania.

As in most of the african countries Couchsurfing works perfectly so no need to spend money in any city. The street food costs 2 to 4 Dollars per person. Vegan food is not hard to get as the meat is really expensive for them.


If going to Kilimanjaro or visiting the ngoro ngoro for one of the best African safaris or experiencing with the masaii (the real natives life) or relaxing in the paradisiac beaches of Zanzibar sounds as good as it did for us. You must go to Tanzania!!!


The transport inside is extremely cheap from the Dalla Dalla (small local buses, to the bug buses and the crazy tuk tuks to save money is really easy.


Our itinerary started from the north in Arusha where our couchsurfer was a maasai warior and a tour guide (contact him for whatever you need). We went to his village and have one of the best experiences of our lives. Arusha is the place to start your Kilimanjaro experience or the Safari to Ngoro Ngoro.

After that we took a big bus to Dar es Saalam where we didn’t stay (and we don’t regret) in order to take our ferry to Zanzibar. The beaches there are something amazing!!!


The bus from Arusha to Dar es Saalam is quiet long (12 hours) and it cost 20 dollars. The same price than the ferry to Dar es Saalam (the ones that you can buy online are way more expensive)

The estimated cost per day per person was around 10 dollars for daily costs + buses + excursions.

For the Maasai village experience, Kilimanjaro Climbing or the Safaris contact Kaira.

There are not enoughs days yo make absolutely everything in this country but in 3 weeks you can change your life.


The Tanzanian Shillings value is 2500 to 1 Dollar.

5 Advises for your trip:

Ø The public transport is well organized (regarding africa), cheap and convenient.

Ø Street food is cheap but don’t expect to have a lot of different options.

Ø It’s extremely hard to find Wi Fi connection.

Ø The hotsprings in Arusha are beautiful.

Ø Bargain is an obligation!!!


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