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Nairobi Kenya Safaris and more – What to do?

Nairobi Kenya Safaris and more – What to do?

There are plenty of places to visit in Nairobi, travel to nairobi is a great desicion and here we will explain you why.

Chaos! We cannot find a better word to describe Kenya’s capital city, where in a 15 minutes ride there is the possibility to crash at least 5 times, 2 of which into an animal.

How to travel Nairobi?

There are 3 ways to travel in Nairobi:


Taxi: you will always find them everywhere, but it is way more expensive than the others means of transport.


Bolt or Uber: both apps are cheaper than the taxis; Bolt is cheaper than Uber.

IMPORTANT: in order to get an user you will need to receive a text message, so if you don’t want to buy a sim card or use your data, you must do it in your country before departure.


Matatu: These mini local buses are really cheap and take you all around Nairobi and far beyond 😛 ! You can find the prices directly written on them or ask the locals before getting on (it happened only once that they tried to charge us more, but it was a really bad moment).

Once we arrived to our couchsurfer’s house, she was waiting for us with #Chapati : this typical flat bread was the basis of our diet in most african countries.

Curious tip: in the north of Argentina we call it in the same way.

The city centre is extremely chaotic, we didn’t enjoy it at all, it was a one time experience that we decided to avoid repeating, but don’t worry: there are many other things to do,

for example:

Sheldrick Wildlife – Elephant orphanage.

For a 7 U$D donation you can enjoy a really beautiful experience: there is a short presentation where the volunteers feed the elephants and explain how they rescue and take care of these lovely creatures, re-teach them how to survive in the wild and, once they are ready, re-locate them in their habitat.

It is important to state that in this place the elephants live freely and not in small cages. In the entrance there is a small shop, where you can buy some souvenirs and gifts.

In case you are interested, you can adopt an Elephant or a Rhyno for U$D 50 a year on their web page

The visit time is at 11:00 AM and lasts only one hour.

Elephant orphanage

When the visit was over, we went walking to the:


Giraffe Centre.

After 1 hour walking on a street where we found some wild pumbas and enjoyed some beautiful sights, we arrived and paid the 15 U$S fee, we fed the giraffes and enjoyed the moment there, but it is not like the Elephant orphanage: they don’t prepare the giraffes to go back in their natural environment.

There you can also find some other animals, like pumbas.

Before leaving, don’t forget that in front of the exit there is another gate that goes to the Bird Sanctuary, which is free and beautiful.

Their web page is

In the main centre you can visit the Maasai Market, where you will see a lot of delightful typical handcraft and it is almost an obligation to bargain (all around Africa it’s like that).


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