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Nairobi to Mombasa by train.  African tour.

Nairobi to Mombasa by train. African tour.

How to travel from Nairobi to Mombasa by train or from Mombasa to Nairobi.

This coast city is a complete change from nairobi, people it’s way more gentle and organized (still being in Kenya). We went by train, in a beautiful ride.

This train has incredible sights, we saw some zebras and giraffes they are comfortable and is just a 7 hours ride.


The ticket costs u$s 10 (1000 shillings) in the second class and u$s 30 (3000 shillings) for the first class, but for us it’s unnecesary.


IMPORTANT INFORMATION: the payment method is just with MPESA that and in order to get an account you have to do it personally in nairobi but if you met some local is better to give them the money and they will buy it for you sending a text message.


Once you are in the train station you can find Taxis and Matatu but if you prefer to pay less and take a TukTuk you must go out from the train station parking and there you will find them.


We strongly recommend to visit the beaches in Mombasa clean water, white sand, not so much people and free entrance. From the centre you can get a Matatu for just u$s 1 (100 shillings)

To be honest we didn’t make many things in mombasa but the beach was a outstanding not only because of the beach… is because we found a camel going for a walk by itself!!!


If you are planning to go to tanzania by bus you can do it directly from Mombasa, no need to go back to Nairobi. There are buses to Dar es Salaam and Arusha for around u$s 12 and it takes around 9 hours.


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