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Maasai Tribe. An african tour to the maasai mara tribe.

Maasai Tribe. An african tour to the maasai mara tribe.

How to visit the Maasai tribe in Tanzania Arusha? We visited the tribe in the Maasai Mara National Park thanks to Kaira, you can reach him clicking in his name.

Waking up in Arusha having a breakfast and getting dress like a Maasai by a REAL Maasai, walking like that towards the centre to reach the DallaDalla was just the beggining.

Maasai Mara Tribe.

Three hours of ride to Makuyuni, renting bikes and riding them to the entrance of Lake Manyara National Park. We didn’t enter but we enjoyed the amazing sight that the place offers.

It was really hot so we decided to go back to Makuyuni. We had lunch, bought water and went for a walk in the market to buy the ingredients for the dinner and after that our bus arrived.

This was not just a bus, we were the only Mzungus (foreigners, white people), which means that all the other were… MAASAIS!!!

Maasai tribe

Yes, real natives going to their villages, carrying the thing that nature was nnot providing, or coming back from the markets where they exchanged their handcrafted souvenirs.

The roads were destroyed or not even roads, in some zones the bus stoped and ome people went down and started to take out rocks to allow the bus to keep going, people was looking to us and our tattoos all the time but always with a really welcoming smile.

After a couple of hours we went down in the middle of nowhere, a couple of kids where waiting for us, only one was speaking some english, with the others, Kayra was our transaltor. We walked for 20 minutes and arrived to the village, kids (a lot), some few adults (Kayra’s siblings) and a lot of goats, they were dress typically or in the case of the small kids nude.


Everybody was very happy with our arrival, after a couple of hours playing with the kids, was dinner time it was gettig dark, there is no electricity, no gas or tap water. Just nature and wisdom.

We started cooking all together with the the full moon lightining us and the milky way revealing herself making from our night something unique.


Morning time! Wake up and realised that we didn’t take with us our thootbrush was not a problem, our friend and some kids went with us to a specific tree to get our natural toothbrush.

That’s not all!!!

In the way they told us, in the way that someone says good morning, “hey look, a BLACK GIRAFFE” and we didn’t even know that they existed!!!


After that and some chapati for breakfast was time to go back, with the same bus and with a fantastic experince in our back we said goodbye to all our new little friends.


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