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Kruger National Park. Safari experience.

Kruger National Park. Safari experience.

Where to stay, what to do and mor in this complete guide.

Krugger National Park SAFARI + Mpumalanga Panorama + Pretoria


Guys this time we took a tour because El Boludo’s mum and little bro were with us, so this post is not gonna talk about low budget travel is just to tell you our experience and how recommendable it was.

The journey started early in the morning, we stopped in several nice places with amazing views in Mpumalanga province like for example Bourke, Luck Potholes in the Blyde River’s Canyon.

Tip: if you want to save some money buy your food before when you are in Johannesburg because the place where they will take you has only one option and is quiet expensive.

After a really nice sleep in the hotel our alarm sounds at 4 AM and in a mix of sleepiness and excitement (after all we were going to make a Safari in Krugger National Park!!!) we took our breakfast bags (if you are vegan or vegetarian remember to advise them the day before), and get into the 4X4 jeep, met our guide and started the adventure.

It was still dark and that allowed us to enjoy this amazing sunsrise in one of the biggest national parks in africa.


We couldn’t see the big 5 but it was still amazing to have to be really focus in order to help the guide to see the animals, without doubt’s the highlight was to see a hyena mom protecting her baby that was beautiful.

At 16:00 it was time to go back to the hotel, there was and additional excursion to see the elephants but we didn’t go and according to the guys that did it we made the right choice.

The last day of this excursion was practically all the time in the bus we went to visit Pretoria, is a really nice city but we didn’t have enough time to explore it. We just visit “Church Square” and “Union Buildings”.

The last stop was in a souvenir market, the handmade staff that we saw there were outstanding and exoensive at the same time.

And we were ready to go to Cape Town and it’s National Parks.


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