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Hell´s Gate National Park Tour- Bike Safari in Kenya

Hell´s Gate National Park Tour- Bike Safari in Kenya

Hell’s Gate National Park – Bike Safari in Kenya.

The Hell´s Gate National Park Safari was, without any doubts, one of the best experience that we lived in Africa (believe me we had a lot). This bike safari was a amazing: we saw many many wild animal, Anthilopes, Zebras, Giraffes, Monkeys, Buffalos, Pumbas and some others that we didn’t even know the names of!

Hell´s gate national park. Bike Safari.

where the matatu left us and the entrance we had to walk more than 3 kms.


Important Information: this safari can also be done walking (the area is really extended for that) or by car, but you will lose the best part of the experience.


The entrance fee is u$s 29 including the “biking tax”. It is also important to know that if you get tired at some point, here and there you can find some park’s employees who offer you a car ride and you can leave the bikes there. We didn’t do it and it was a great decision, because we were able to see different animals as the day went forward.

Here you can also visit the stone that inspired the worldwide known Disney’s “Lion’s King” scene with Simba. It is better if you do that part before, because it takes at least 45 minutes and if you arrive too late you might not be able to do the tour before the closing hour.


Hiking and camping are also allowed and included in the fee.

The opening time is from 06:00 to 18:00 and we strongly recommend to everyone to arrive early.

Important!!! Inside the park they don’t sell water or food so you must bring everything with you!!!

Hell s gate national Park. Bike Safari

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