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Egypt tour. 2 weeks, pyramids, hurghada tour and more

Egypt tour. 2 weeks, pyramids, hurghada tour and more

Two weeks in Egypt – The backpacking solo guide. Travel on a budget, itineraries and saving money tips.

Pyramids, mummies, friendly people and low cost amazing food are just a part of Egypt. Even for alone female this country is really safe, we saw women from all over the world with totally different dress codes and nothing happen (the never welcomed lascive looks happen a lot).


We were there in August and it was REALLY HOT, but we didn’t lose a single activity. Even if we did everything we suggest to go in december or january.


The itinerary was:

Cairo 4 days – Alexandria 2 days by train – Aswan 2 days by train – Abu Simbel 1 day with tour – Luxor 2 days by train – Hurgada 4 days by bus and back to Cairo by bus.


If you want to know more about this places click on their names.


The Food there is really cheap we where eating Koshari for less than 2 dollars!!! What is koshari? Lentils, pasta, rice, tomato saucen fried onions, a lot of flavour and kgs :D.

The best excursions and tours are described in each link that we put above but if you have further questions don’t hesitate to contact us.


Tips and advises:

1. Sometimes the second class in the train is better than the first one

2. If you decide to go anywhere by car, take into consideration the traffic: you can stay stuck for more than expected

3. You can ALWAYS bargain for a cheaper price

4. Make sure you withdraw a good amount of money at your arrival: almost every place accept only cash.

5. The few places that accept card are really overpriced

6. The arrival time for buses and trains is never true, if you have to take a flight or you have some appointment, is important to know that they are not punctual at all

7. In the museums and temples there is a fee for taking pictures but is ONLY for the cameras, don’t pay it if you will make them with a cellphone

8. For the excursions and tours is better to reserve them before, but if you didn’t ,don’t worry… walking and asking you can arrange the same price even in the last minutes

9. Always take uber or local buses… taxis are way more expensive

10. If you will buy something ask the price before, if not they will try to charge you more

11. Last but not least… couchsurfing is working perfectly in Egypt, we get couchsurfers in every city that we have been.


12. In egypt you MUST NOT take photos of police/militar men or sites, if you do they will go on you and erase the photo or video, and it can be a bit creep.


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