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Cairo to Aswan. Top things to do in Aswan.

Cairo to Aswan. Top things to do in Aswan.

Aswan Egypt top things to do.

Cairo to Aswan Sleeper Train.

The Cairo-to-Aswan-sleeper-train is definitely the best way to get from Cairo to Aswan. These two cities are 870 km far from each other, so if you are travelling low cost like we do, the night train is a good solution in order to save money and time.

  • Train cost from Cairo to Aswan

The train cost from Cairo to Aswan at the time we bought it was 59,28 Egyptian pounds for the second class and 113,36 pounds for the first class. These are the cheapest option.

TIP: Don’t buy the first-class ticket: there is no difference between the second and first class.

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We suggest you to book it in at least 48 hours advance on the internet because:

– they run out of places easily, especially during high season.

– the station is a mess, believe us: you don’t want to buy a ticket there.

You can book your ticket here:

  • Train duration Cairo to Aswan.

The train duration from Cairo to Aswan is 13 hours and a half. We suggest you to bring your headphones or ear plugs (the Egyptians talk very loudly) and some clothes to get covered with: the air-conditioned works and it gets really cold… and you will probably have 20 degrees temperature variation when you get off.

Cairo to Aswan.

What to do in Aswan Egypt.

  • What to do in Aswan Egypt.

What to do in Aswan, Egypt, you are probably wondering now. Well, as in many Egyptian cities, there are plenty of historical sites to visit. Personally, what we went there for was mainly Abu Simbel. The city of Aswan has its own rules. There is a big market in the main city street, but it is open only from the very late afternoon until very early in the morning because of the hot temperatures (it can reach a maximum of 45ºC, but there is no wind.) Being a very touristic site, the prices are a bit higher in the centre. You can:

  • Visit the Elephantine island, where you can find an interesting museum containing a “Nilometer”, a way for Egyptians to measure Nile’s rise and falls and predict floods;
  • Visit a Nubian Village and let the Nubians offer you a cup of tea;
  • There are many temples to visit, the most famous is Philae temple;
  • The Dam, which is important for the story of Abu Simbel (read more in “link a articolo su abu simbel”);
  • Take a Nile ride on a “Faluca” (which is the typical boat they use to cross the river)
  • A one-day trip to Abu Simbel.

TIP: Always bargain the price! They wanted us to pay 20 dollars for a Faluca ride of an hour and we ended up paying 5.

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Top things to do in Aswan Egypt if you don’t have much time.

  • Top things to do in Aswan with a little time.

The tops things to do in Aswan for us were surely the Abu Simbel tour and the Nile Faluca ride.

Very characteristic and with a lot of history. We suggest you to read more about it here: (link all’articolo su abu simbel)

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