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Backpacking Morocco – The what to do, tips, Itinerary and Safety guide.

Backpacking Morocco – The what to do, tips, Itinerary and Safety guide.

Sahara desert, camels, snakes, medinas, markets, beaches and more.

In this guide we will try to help you as much as possible with your trip planning. We have been almost one month and it was incredible.


The route was the following:

(If you want to know more about the cities click on there names)


Agadir: 3 Days, you can visit almost everything in 1 or 2 and if you want to buy Argan here is the place.

Safi: 5 Days, is also possible to know it in 1 or 2 days.

Essaouira: We went for a day and is beautiful. Lot of Game of Thrones scenes were recorded there.

Marrakech: 4 days, is full of things to do (mostly markets) and the excursions to Merzouga are cheaper from here.

Sahara Desert/ Merzouga: We went on a 3 days tour and the experience was unique. As vegans and animal lovers we didn’t ride the camels and a lot of people follow our example.In the way we visited several beautiful places, but not all the places that they promised us, so we wrote a complaint and they gave us 50% discount!!!

Casablanca: We went for a day and we ran away. We couldn’t find anything special, just a big city.

Tetouan: 1 day in thsi nice city is enough, get ready fow walking and take a lot of pictures.

Chefchaouen: 1 week!!! It was our favourite city in Morocco, the energy and the people are amazing. You can do a lot of things there like visiting Akchour falls.

Tanger: was our last city, we spend 5 days there, is nice but it’s enough with 1 day.

Costs and Prices.

Eating is really cheap everywhere is full of street food and if you want to cook is even cheaper!!!

The morrocans are really helpfull people and excellent hosts, if they can invite you something they will do it. The fruit and vegetables are super cheap and great quality you. We had a limit of 5 dollars a day and it was more than enough.

In the other hand, it was the hardest country to find Couchsurfing so we had to pay airbnb (4 euros a night per person).

In chefchaouen we found a beautiful hostel that accepts volunteers “alibaba bamboo rooftops”, great energy and the view is breathtaking.


Important things to know, tips and advises.


1 – Hitchhike (auto stop) is really easy!


2 – If you want to buy argan oil the best place for that is agadir because is pure and cheaper.

3 – In order to know if your oil is pure, smell it 🐽: if you can smell something is because it’s not.

4 – For nature lovers we STRONGLY suggest to spend 3 or 4 day in chefchaouen and not just only one.

5 – Bargain is part of their culture (even between locals) if you don’t want to pay overprice do it and enjoy it (don’t get surprised if they get pissed off when you decide not to buy),


6 – We always traveled with the bus company CTM even if the price is a bit higher the service is really good.

7 – Olives are amazing and extremely cheap.

8 – The one that prepare the morrocan tea is the one that serves it!!!


9 – Couchsurfing doesn’t work that much as in other countries (at least for couples).


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