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Arusha Tanzania. 2020 African tour-Complete guide.

Arusha Tanzania. 2020 African tour-Complete guide.

After nine hours in a bus from Mombasa/Kenya we arrived to Tanzania, from the very beginning we realised that Arusha is clearly more organised, people is really welcoming, quiet insistent at the moment of offering a service or product but apart of that they are really nice.


Eating, like in most african cities, is really cheap, a plate of rice, beans, vegetables and Ugali cost less than u$s 2. We suggest everybody to ask for Chapatis we really loved them. Of course this prices are in the local places, if you go to the tourists places it will cost much more.


Our first night we stayed in a Air BNB that was really cheap. (If you want to get a nice discount Click Here).


But one of the best thing that we have done was the day after we went to visit Tumaini for Africa, this Village that acts as home, care centre and school for more than 35 kids.


This magical place made with a lot of effort needs volunteers and donations, so if you are intrested in helping them in any way go to Http://


After having a couple of really nice days with them we went to another fantastic place, Kayra’s house this time our couch surfer was a Maasai Mara warrior!!!


For La Gringa’s birthday we went to Kikuletwa Hot Springs, we took a DallaDalla and a Tuktuk and for u$s we had an amazing day, it was also a locals birthday so they sing the happy birthday song to both of them, even the blue ass baboons approach us to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!


Kayra is an incredible person that taught us a lot of things, shared with us a lot of experiences but most important he took us to his village, far away from Arusha’s centre, according to El Boludo the best thing that we did in Africa. Maasai Mara experience.


In arusha you have a lot of things to do, but clearly the most important and famouse are the NGONGORO safari and the KILIMANJARO climbing.

If you want to get really good prices and an amazing experience contact Kaira, the profits are going to help a lot of Maasai’s kids that are going to school thanks to him.


This is his Go Fund me link 😉



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