African Tour.

Experience with us our AFRICAN TOUR and learn everything you need to know.

In our trip to Africa we experienced both, the backpackers and holidays mode. We did a safari tour in South Africa, and a tour to Abu Simbel in Egypt.

On the other hand, we visited the Pyramids almost for free, we have been in the best Zanzibar beaches with the locals and much more!!!

African Tour

In the almost 4 months in this incredible continent we have experienced:

Safaris in Kenya, Tanzania and South Africa. We also visited the ancient egypcian Pyramids.

Another incredible experience was our tour to the vast and delightful Sahara desert.

Basically we have been in five countries and visited more than 30 cities of the african continent and we are sharing all of our knowledge with you.

If you want to know more about the African countries where we have traveled to, you just need to click on their names:

1- Kenya: in Kenya we stayed almost 3 weeks and we got the best prices for everything, it was our “fullest-backpacking-mode-travel” country in Africa.

African Tour - Bike Safari
African Tour – Bike Safari

2- Tanzania: here we visited the Maasai Mara with the tribe almost for free. We got the best tanzanian tours thanks to our couchsurfers!

African Tour - Maasai Tour
African Tour – Maasai Tour

3- South africa: In our south african trip we had a visit of Gabi’s mom and younger brother, so we made the best south african tours and safaris to the Kruger National Park.

African Tour - Kruger Park Safari.
African Tour – Kruger Park Safari.

Also we visited the Penguins in Boulder’s Beach and enjoyed the whale watching in Hermanus.

4- Egypt: In 2 weeks we visited everything and I’m not exagerating. We travelled by train to almost every city.

African Tour in Egypt - Abu Simbel.
African tour in Egypt

We went on a boat tour in Hurghada to snorkel, after visiting dozens of catacombs and kings tombs.

5- Morocco: Full of friendly people, we stayed almost a month and visited cities that we didn’t even know existed.

The highlights were Chefchaouen and the complete and cheap tour to the Sahara desert.