Travel the world on a budget.

travel the world on a budget

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Travel the world on a budget.

If you want to learn how we live travelling around the world on a budget or you are a solo travel, or planning a low budget trip, or to start backpacking, this is the site!!! I (El boludo) have been backpacking for the last 6 years and visited 66 countries in my  objective of finding the best way to travel the world, and La Gringa has been in amazing places, such as Thailand in solo travels and with this life objective “i just want to travel the world”.

So if you are planning to travel the world and you need some advises or you are plannin your next solo trip we will help you.

Once we met and fall in love, we decided to travel to “the best places to visit in the world” and started with our Instagram. We are growing a lot and really fast, in less than a year we already had several sponsorhips and thousands of new followers!

So basically we found the way to travel the world for free or in occasions to get paid for travelling thew world!!!

A lot of people helped us in this travels so we decided to try to give back some of that help to the world.

At the beginning we didn´t know how to travel the world with no money, we had to learn lot´s of stuff like how to get discounts or simply have a free place to stay with couchsurfing.

We will try to explain you how we travel the world for free and sometimes get paid for travelling the world in the following way.

Our blog is divided by continents such as African tour.

There you will see all the contintents that we have been and you can click on the names of the countries in order to have more tips for your trips.

If you need more information don’t hesitate to ask us here or in our instagram.

To have a general perspective of our experiences you can also go to our youtube channel.

Thank you very much and have a nice trip!!! on